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At Rommaana, our team is a blend of passionate professionals dedicated to innovation and excellence. Each member brings unique skills and perspectives, fostering a collaborative environment that drives success. 

Meet Our Team

Experts ready to capture and expand a great company with top players in their fields.

Gustavo Madico, CEO

3x scale up-startups, ex D360 bank, former Microsoft R&D Engineer.

David de Groeve, CTO

Led technical operations in Saudi Payments and Paribas Europe.

Kathrin Guethoff

Executive Creative Director

Durgesh Srivastava 

VP of Engineering

Hamza Ajlani

Lead Software Engineer

 Mehdi Sanekli

Sofware Engineer

Sydney Aleixandre

UX Designer

Penélope Haba

Sales & Operations

Ivonne Such

Sales & Operations

Exceptional World Lead Advisors

We have a group of talented people who advise us every step of the way.​

Arturo Sánchez

CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder
Neo Insurance
Sofía (Index Ventures)

David Guerrero

Ex-VP Oracle

Carlotta Mondino

Strategy Manager

Movinx (Swiss Re+ Daimier Auto Insurance)

Rubén Medina

WeFox Investee (Kenjo)

Ex Google Marketing Manager

Agustín Jiménez

Service Designer

Led BBVA & Asian Service Design Companies

Christian Sproll

Serial Entrepreneur

2x Exits in ermerging markets

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